Why Our Multivitamin Is SO Much Better

Not to state the obvious, but multivitamins are really important. Why? Well, in this day and age it’s nearly impossible to get all the basic—yep, just basic—nutrients we need from diet alone. The problem gets even more complicated when the majority of multivitamins on the market are way below standards. Enter: Daily Love, our brand-new, complete multivitamin that gives you everything you need, plus more. How much more? Well, we created a handy chart to show you just how we stack up against other brands.

Well-formulated and complete multivitamins are designed to fill in the gaps and provide you with what’s missing—energy you might be lacking, the indoors-all-day vitamin D deficiency, and even immunity support (extra important these days!).

“Preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies can absolutely fight disease as we age, no matter what your genetics may look like,” says Kylene Bogden a Registered Dietitian who specializes in Functional Nutrition.

While most brands lack the right type and quantities of nutrients for women, Daily Love contains 100%+ of a wide variety of basic vitamins and minerals for women’s health—the things that keep your bones strong, blood pumping, and mind clear. Daily Love is made to correct any deficiencies and whatever your body doesn’t need, it will get rid of naturally. Simple.  

We spent months and months developing these multivitamins, doing research, finding out what’s missing on the market, doing more research, and making sure ours was the absolute best. The proof is on the label and in the handy chart we included below. Let’s start with what you *are* getting with Daily Love:

  • Vitamin D-3: Not to shade D-2 (found in lots of other multis), but vitamin D-3 is way easier to absorb and keeps bones, muscles, and teeth healthy.  “Adequate vitamin D intake has been shown to prevent cancer, depression, and autoimmune disease,” explains Kylene.
  • B-vitamins: And specifically B-6, which is critical for brain function, mood stability, and energy levels. We made sure that the B-vitamins found in Daily Love are methylated, making them easier to digest.
  • Magnesium: “Magnesium is quite possibly the coolest mineral of all time, “ says Kylene. Responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, magnesium helps to regulate everything from muscle contraction to mood to bone health. Most multis don’t include magnesium, so we had to make sure we did. 
  • Iron: A total must for all women (we lose iron during our periods!) and especially anyone who has adopted a plant-based diet. Kylene explains, “Iron makes red blood cells that help carry oxygen around our bodies and provides us with energy.” 
  • Folate: Super important for women of childbearing age, “consuming enough folate helps to prevent neural tube defects,” says Kylene. We made sure to include the active form of folate, known as methyl folate, which is more readily used by the human body. 

There you have it, just some of the 25+ vitamins we made sure to include in Daily Love. 

As always, you should try and make sure to take vitamins with a well-balanced meal that includes protein and fat, “this helps with digestion and making sure they settle well,” says Kylene. You can always separate your capsules if you want to be gentler on your system, and (fun fact) keeping them in the fridge will take any flavors or smells away altogether. Easy as that.

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