Why Boric Acid Outperforms Drugstore Products

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When suffering from a yeast infection or BV (bacterial vaginosis) your initial thought will be “I need relief and I need it FAST!” Your next instinct will then be to head over to your local drugstore and become overwhelmed 🤯with the many options the feminine health care aisle has to offer.

If you’ve ever experienced yeast infections or BV, who share similar symptoms including irregular discharge, foul vaginal odor, itching and burning, then your doctor has most likely prescribed you an antibiotic or you’ve gone for one of the common over-the-counter drugs, Monistat or Vagisil.

The problem with using antibiotics is that they only provide temporary relief and can actually disturb the vagina’s normal environment by destroying the good bacteria that protects it. OTC products (wipes, ointments, gels) also only provide you with short-term relief and can even contain ingredients that can worsen your symptoms. For example, Vagisil, has an ingredient called propylene glycol, which can trigger inflammation, as well as methylparaben, a possible endocrine disruptor. This is why it’s important to always read product labels! 👀

Whether you’re experiencing an infection for the first time or realizing traditional treatment just isn’t working and you are now dealing with reoccurring/chronic infections, it’s time you look into a natural suppository that has been proven to be effective Boric Acid 

The term Boric Acid may sound scary but when diluted it is not only extremely helpful for the treatment of yeast infections and BV but it involves little to no side effects and brings your vaginal pH back to where it needs to be.

If Boric Acid is completely new to you, it is a white, crystalline mineral found in sea water that has antiviral and antifungal properties that function by restricting the growth of candida albicans and candida glabrata strains (yeast pathogens) that have grown resistant to conventional treatment.  

Not only will BA treat yeast infections but they are highly effective when treating bacterial vaginosis and the best part is this alternative treatment is available without a prescription. 

One of our top-selling products,The Killer, is a Boric Acid suppository that provides fast acting relief! By vaginally inserting one of our 600mg dose capsules daily you can see results as quickly as one day thanks to the boric acid working its magic to lower your vaginal pH balance down to an acidic range that doesn’t allow yeast to survive. The Killer is ideal for spot treatment (after your period/sex) as well as treating chronic infections by using for 1-2 weeks.

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