Improving Feminine Hygiene: Tips For Every Woman

A good relationship is based on mutual respect. This universal truth applies not only to your significant other — but to your vagina as well. After all, your vagina is instrumental to your womanly happiness and wellbeing and it deserves to be treated as the treasured jewel it is! 

Maintaining proper feminine hygiene is easy with the right products and habits! Just as we pamper our skin and hair, our vagina is happier with a little pampering too. Not sure how to give your “best girl” the hygienic love it deserves? That’s okay, because we’ve got you covered. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about improving feminine hygiene and all the best tips and tricks to keep your vagina healthy, happy, and feeling fresh as a daisy.  

Feminine Hygiene 101: What You Need To Know

It goes without saying that we women often carry a load of responsibilities, from caring and nurturing the kiddos, keeping everyone fed on healthy eats, and making sure no one is wearing the same shirt three days in a row (#quarantinelife), our responsibilities quickly add up! 

Add in a career on top of all this and it’s no wonder many of us have a hard time scheduling in a little “me” time. 

But creating a feminine hygiene routine doesn’t have to be over the top. With just a little dedication and few vagina-loving products, it’s possible to up your feminine hygiene game without breaking the bank — and without taking up all your time, which means no excuse not to wash those shirts — or at least turn them inside out, right? 

Why is feminine hygiene important?

In today’s society and political climate, the stigma around talking about feminine care and hygiene is finally beginning to fade away, paving the path for feminine hygiene to be openly discussed. 

In the U.S., feminine hygiene is no longer taboo and is considered a vital part of overall women’s health. And at its core, feminine hygiene is for feeling — and smelling — fresh down there.

Just keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal for your vagina to have it’s own unique smell and that a clean and healthy vagina is not meant to smell like flowery perfume! 

BUT, if the smell is strong or has a fishiness to it, then this is when it might indicate something else is going on. It could just be that you need to bring your pH back into balance. It could also be an indication of an infection.

Let’s break it down — there are a ton of reasons for strong vaginal odors:

  • pH imbalance
  • Menstruation
  • Excessive sweating
  • Scented soaps
  • Certain types of vaginal infections 

Feminine hygiene doesn’t only keep odors under wraps to help you feel comfortable in your own skin — it can actually help prevent infections as well. You see, your vagina’s delicate pH balance changes during your menstrual cycle, so the risk of bacterial infection is higher. Keeping clean and using products that help maintain balance can greatly improve your vaginal health and happiness. 

Best Tips for a Happy, Healthy Vagina

When it comes to feminine hygiene, education is important. You likely learned about your body from an array of sources — the internet, school, your mom, your best friend, your best friend’s mom… chances are, though, some essential feminine hygiene skills were never taught to you or have evolved over time.

So, without further ado, here are the best tips and tricks to keep your lady parts in tip-top shape:

Keep your vagina clean and dry. 

When it comes to selecting undies, stick with cotton. Why? Because it’s super breathable! Cotton can wick away moisture to keep your skin cool and dry, which will help to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and infections. 

On the flip side, popular fabrics like satin retain moisture which reduces airflow, creating friction and irritation — and that encourages yeast and bacteria growth. You should also change out of sweaty gym clothes and wet swimsuits as soon as possible because bacteria thrive in wet, muggy environments. If you sit in wet clothes for a long period of time, your chances of developing an infection increase.  

Ditch the douche.

Ladies, put the douche down. Throw it in the trash, toss it in the fire, wood chipper — whatever — just get rid of it. Douching is an outdated feminine hygiene technique that women used to use to “freshen up” their under regions. Turns out, it’s not a helpful practice and can actually do more harm than good. 

The fact is, your vagina is a powerful self-cleaning organ, and disrupting its natural cleansing power with douching eliminates the good bacteria present down there, disturbs the natural pH of your vagina, which in turn, makes you much more prone to getting an infection. 

Thankfully, when you use the right products and learn to love your vagina during all its phases of your monthly cycle, you won’t feel the need to douche. 

Power up with quality probiotics. 

You may already know this, but the benefits of probiotics are many. From improving your immunity and digestive health to managing bowel and skin conditions, taking a quality probiotic is a great way to support many of the body’s internal functions and systems.

Additionally, probiotics have been shown to help maintain healthy pH levels in the vagina, as well to help prevent UTIs. They say prevention is the best medicine and probiotics designed especially for women and their vaginas are a great way to keep your privates healthy and happy.

Did you know, not all probiotics are created equal? We love our Good Girl Probiotics here at Love Wellness because they’re made with eight healthy strains of good bacteria for vaginal health, whereas most probiotics on the market only contain one. 

This unique probiotic supports three key areas: reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system. Take two capsules every day to maintain optimal vaginal flora. 

You are what you eat… and so is your vagina! 

Yes, ladies, the rumors are true: good feminine hygiene begins with your diet. What you consume on a day-to-day basis can definitely impact how your vagina smells, functions, and feels. 

Some conditions like Candida (the bacteria that causes yeast infections) even feed off sugar! 

So, try to limit your sugary junk foods and beverages. Replace the processed stuff with healthy, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and drink tons of H2O! 

These are best practices that will make a big difference in your vaginal freshness, and really, your whole body will thank you.

Switch to pH-balanced feminine washes. 

Did you know that regular soaps and body washes aren’t designed to be used on your vagina? Why? Because they tend to have a pH level — AKA a level of acidity/alkalinity — designed for the surface of your skin. However, your skin typically has a pH of 5.5, whereas a healthy vaginal pH level ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. 

Altering your vagina’s pH can upset its bacterial balance that keeps it healthy, happy, and infection-free. Instead of traditional soap or body wash, try a special “soap” intended just for your lady parts, like Love Wellness’s pH Balancing Cleanser — an OB/GYN recommended cleanser for intimate cleansing made with clean ingredients.  

Wipes for the win. 

Another great way to stay fresh all day without going to extremes (looking at you, douche) is to use feminine wipes designed to keep you clean and balanced. Wipes are super handy to keep stashed in your purse so that you can use them while traveling or at work. They also come in handy to use after having sex- especially if you can’t just hop right in the shower.

Cleaning up after a tussle in between the sheets is an important step to vaginal hygiene and really shouldn’t be overlooked. Just be sure that, when choosing your wipes, they are designed for vaginas and not just baby bottoms or general use. 

Our Mini Do It All Wipes are perfect for on-the-go and post-sex cleansing. Made with clean ingredients like organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, and organic chamomile extract, these super soft wipes are undeniably gentle on the skin and will help to maintain balance in your vagina. 

Now that we’re talking about sex, another great tip to staying clean and infection-free is to make sure you pee right after sex. This will really help reduce your risk of getting a UTI, as it helps you flush out any bad bacteria that may have entered the vagina while getting frisky. 

Bottom Line 

Every woman wants to look, feel and smell beautiful, especially down there! But good hygiene goes beyond covering up and masking odors just so you can feel “fresh.”

In fact, good feminine hygiene begins with taking the right supplements and eating the right foods that encourage healthy pH and limit the growth of bad, odor-causing bacteria.

Thankfully, Love Wellness has everything you need to maintain good feminine hygiene! With a few simple, vagina-friendly products and supplements, you’ll soon feel amazing, confident, and squeaky-clean. 

Here at Love Wellness, we take a sensible approach to self-care that is based in science, body-positive, and made with you (and your vagina) in mind. For all of your health and wellness needs, check out Love Wellness to support your feminine health and hygiene today!



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