An Update to Our Subscription Program

In our continued commitment to sustainability, we’re making changes to our shipping operations. Beginning February 10th, free shipping for subscription orders will only apply to US orders with a subtotal of $35 or more.

These changes are being made to minimize extra deliveries, reduce our carbon footprint, and eliminate excess packaging (fewer boxes!).

Here’s everything you need to know about this change:

  • How does this impact your subscription? – If your subscription order subtotal is under $35 (before taxes) and shipping in the US, you will be charged a flat-rate shipping fee of $6 per order beginning February 10th. Any subscriptions renewing before February 10th will still qualify for free shipping.
  • How can you avoid the shipping fee?

    • Update product quantity and frequency to consolidate shipments – For example, if you currently get 1 bottle every month, you can update to receive 2 bottles every 2 months to qualify for free shipping! Just log in and update your product quantity and frequency.

    • Combine subscription delivery dates – If you have multiple subscriptions renewing on different dates, combine them into one monthly order to reach the $35 minimum. Just log in and click ‘Change Item Date’ next to a product to update. Any products with the same shipping address, billing details, and renewal date will automatically ship together.
    • Subscribe to additional products to hit the $35 threshold. Just log in and shop! You’ll see the option to ‘ADD TO NEXT ORDER’ on any product page to subscribe to new products.

Thanks for being a Love Wellness subscriber! If you have any questions, you can reach out to us here.

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