Pakistan, Ukraine, nuclear risk in Zaporizhiaa, Mexico… Friday’s news

Pakistan, Ukraine, nuclear risk in Zaporizhiaa, Mexico… Friday’s news

The General secretary, who is visiting Pakistan after the historic floods, has denounced that emissions into the atmosphere continue to increase while people die from the consequences of climate change. “It is a collective suicide”, he has said calling for urgent action and solidarity with developing countries.

António Guterres assured that “no country deserves this fate, but especially not countries like Pakistan, which they have done almost nothing to contribute to global warming.”

Pakistan and other developing countries, from the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, he said, “are paying a horrible price for the intransigence of the big emitters” who continue to bet on fossil fuels, “in the face of science, common sense and basic human decency.

“Emissions rise while people die in floods and famines. This is crazy. This is collective suicide. From Pakistan, I make a global appeal: stop the madness; end the war with nature; invest in renewable energies now”,

As the crisis accelerates, he warned, it is clear that most countries are far from prepared.

Therefore, he called on developed countries to step up and provide Pakistan and other frontline countries with the financial and technical resources they need to survive extreme weather events like these deadly floods.

Prisoners of war in Ukraine are being tortured

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A burned out truck in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine

The representative of the Human Rights Office in Ukraine has denounced that prisoners of war are suffering torture and ill-treatment.

At a press conference from Odessa, Matilda Bogner assured that they have had unhindered access to places of internment and detention in the territory controlled by the Government of Ukraine. However, the Russian Federation has not provided access to prisoners of war held on its territory or in areas under its occupation.

“This is all the more worrying as we have documented that prisoners of war held by the Russian Federation and held by the armed forces of the Russian Federation or by affiliated armed groups have suffered torture and ill-treatment, and that in some places of detention they lack food, water, health care and adequate toilet facilities. We received information about an extreme health situation in the Olenivka prison, where many Ukrainian prisoners of war reportedly suffered from infectious diseases, such as hepatitis A and tuberculosis,” he explained.

In the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government, they have also documented cases of torture and ill-treatment of prisoners of war, usually at the time of capture, during initial interrogations or transport to internment camps. The majority of POWs continue to be held in prison facilities, violating the rule that POWs should not be held in solitary confinement.

‘Significantly increased' risk of nuclear accident in Zaporizhia, says IAEA

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine.


Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The risk of a nuclear accident at the Zaporizhia plant in Ukraine has increased significantly, after a bombardment last night cut off the external electrical connection to the nuclear power plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency warned.

The electrical infrastructure that feeds the city of Enerhodar, where the operators of the nuclear power plant and their families live, has been destroyed by the bombardments, which has caused a total blackout in that town: there is no running water, no electricity, no sewerage .

The IAEA believes that there little chance of reestablishing a reliable supply of energy abroad of the Zaporizhia power plant facilities.

As a result, he understands that the operator is considering shutting down the only remaining reactor in operation. In that case, the entire plant would rely entirely on emergency diesel generators to ensure vital nuclear safety and security functions.

In addition, it is increasingly difficult to have the essential personnel to operate the plant safely

“This has significantly increased the risk of a nuclear accident. Let me be clear, bombing around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant must stop and a nuclear protection and safety zone must be agreed upon immediately,” Rafael Mariano Grossi said in a statement.

The official number of registered disappeared in Mexico amounts to 100,000 people

UN-DH Mexico

The official number of registered disappeared in Mexico amounts to 100,000 people

The acting United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nada Al-Nashif, today expressed her concern over the decision of the Mexican Congress to cede control of the National Guard to the Ministry of National Defense.

The Mexican Senate approved this Friday to transfer the operational, budgetary and administrative control of the National Guard, whose civilian character is enshrined in the Constitution, to the Secretary of National Defense, directed exclusively by the military.

“The reforms effectively leave Mexico without a civilian police force at the federal level, further consolidating the already prominent role of the Armed Forces in public security in Mexico. Human rights mechanisms have clearly stated that the Armed Forces should only intervene in public security on a temporary basis, in exceptional circumstances, as a last resort, and always under the effective supervision of independent civilian bodies,” Al-Nashif said.

Al-Nashif recalled that, although the militarization of the security forces has been increasing steadily in Mexico since 2006, this has not translated into a sustainable reduction in crime, but rather has caused a increase in reports of serious violations of human rights by the security forces and the Armed Forces

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