What Drains Your Emotional Energy And How To Manage It

What are emotions? 

Let’s start by understanding the essential fact about emotions. We think of emotional energy as the experience of sensations moving through our bodies. This energy is generally felt as the sensations of contraction, such as tension, and expansion, such as happiness.

Feelings are what you label as sadness, anger, or fear. Your thoughts about this energy are what give these feelings meaning. Understanding that emotions are energy indicates that they are liquid, moving the resources that are to be felt, released, suppressed, or ignored. 

So, let’s begin!

What Drains Emotional Energy
Emotional Energy: What Drains Your Energy And How To Manage It

What is Emotional Energy?

As simple as it may sound, emotional energy is just the energy you extract from your emotions. Your energy comes from your emotions, and different emotions vibrate at different frequencies. It may sound strange, but yes, it’s true. 

Take a moment to think back to when was the last time you felt the happiest and full of excitement and energy like you were on top of the world. 

Maybe it was the day of your promotion, journey to a new country, spending time with your family members, or just laughing with your best friend till your stomach starts paining. 

The feelings of love, joy, happiness, and passion that you feel are considered to be high-frequency vibrations. This was the main reason why you thought you’ve unlimited energy and you could definitely pull all-nighters. 

Because your emotions send high-frequency vibrations, you got an abundant energy source. You could work and operate on high-frequency vibrations.

The more we take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world, the more empowered and productive we become.

Jim Loehr

On the other hand, think about those times when you were sad, depressed, or unsecured. Think about those times of your life when you broke up with someone you really loved, got fired from your job, were depressed or sad due to the death of a loved one. 

Your energy was low at those times, wasn’t it? It is because these emotions generate low-frequency vibrations.

The events, themselves have no energetic effect on you. What you feel and act is only due to the energy circulating through your bodies. 

Your energy is increased or drained only by the feelings and sensations you generate in your brain.

The Importance of Emotional Energy

You must be thinking that this energy is essential. Your energy comes from your emotions. These are the two main importance of emotional energy in your body:

1. Emotional Energy Decides Your (Un)Happiness!

It determines if you should feel happy or sad. 

The feelings of happiness or sadness are personalized and generated in your brain. They have nothing to do with the events happening around you. Crores of money sitting inside your bank account or you’re bankrupt doesn’t decide the energy circulating throughout your body. 

It is a traditional belief that poor people generally describe themselves as happy, while rich people may commit suicide or feel depressed because they cannot control their energy. 

2. It Decides Whether You’ll be Productive Or Not

When you’ve high-frequency vibrations moving throughout your body, you can easily walk an extra mile at your work, no matter how tired you’re. 

Do you remember when you were very excited and passionate about a high-profile task given to you at work? You pulled an all-nighter and worked like a horse. You did not count your working hours and delivered the job before the deadline. 

Now, think about when you faced a lot of negative energy from your other colleagues, and it did not allow you to focus on your pending things. 

The energy driven through your body decides whether you’ll be successful at your work or not, whether you’ll be productive during the work-time or not. 

Keep your feelings positive, and in no time, you can experience high-frequency vibrations inside you, which will help you be more constructive.

What drains your emotional energy?

This can be quickly drained by feeling low-frequency vibrations inside your body. Following are some of the most common things that drain your energy.

  • Excessively worrying about something.
  • Negative thoughts
  • Guilt
  • Indecision
  • Overcommitting or being overwhelmed
  • Lack of healthy boundaries

How to manage your emotional energy?

If your energy comes from your emotions, you have the power to change your feelings to make the required energy flow throughout the body. 

So, let’s get that energy into motion! Let’s have a look at how to manage your emotional energy for better mental health:

1. Do things you thoroughly love and enjoy

Do you even remember the last time you did something that you loved? Did you get filled with positivity and happiness while doing that activity? 

If you’ve been overwhelmed for quite a time now, it’s high time you should start doing something you enjoy. The idea is simple enough. Try scheduling a few hours this weekend and do something you thoroughly enjoy; it may be sitting and gossiping with your friends, practicing dance, singing, etc. You deserve it. 

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people who motivate and uplift your mood and support you. It’s high time you should restrict yourself from the people who spread negativity into your minds. If the toxic person is a family member, a colleague, or a friend, try limiting the time you spend with time and keep your interactions positive. 

This can be difficult to do at first, but if you’re already working on high-frequency vibrations, your energy will raise the vibrations of those interactions.

3. Learn to say “NO”

Learn to say no without feeling guilty. It’s OKAY to say “no” to others if it implies saying “yes” to yourself. You are the most important person to yourself. If there is no you, there is no one to care for the people you love. Self-care is not selfish. 

Remember: Put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.  

4. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation is the practice of focusing on one’s emotions and feelings. Many people have experienced an improvement in physical and mental health conditions by practicing mindfulness meditation. Even mindfulness therapy has been noticed to reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression effectively. 

5. Do Not Feel Guilty About Anything

Do you have long work schedules and sacrifice your family life? Does this make you feel guilty? 

The feeling of guilty or disheartening can bring negative energy inside you and make you feel more pathetic about it. Whatever you do, never feel guilty about it. 

For example, if you’re a working mother and you feel guilty for not spending time with your family, here is what you can do. 

Find time to have breakfast with your family and participate in their discussions and plans. Even if you don’t join breakfast, spend at least three dinners with them during workdays. It can help you feel good and closer to your family. 

6. Stop Worrying About Future

Unfortunately, worrying is a part of human nature, and you can’t stop it. But you can definitely reduce your worries by focusing only on important matters. 

Did you know that almost all of your worries are irrelevant? Nearly all the things you worry about will never occur. It can be difficult for you to digest, but science has confirmed that more than 85% of your worries will never happen


The energy that you face is your own responsibility. Monitor your emotions regularly. Be aware of how they impact your energy. The fast you understand this fact, the more empowering it is. 

You can control your emotions and the energy driven by them. You get to be in the driver’s seat of your own life and make your mental health pal your best friend.

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