Top 10 Mental Health Daily Check-In Questions

daily mental health check-in questions

Hard times and bad days peep into your life quite often to remind you about self-care and taking time to relax. Some unfortunate situations impact our lives so deep that it drags us into mental health problems, and it proves more complex to regain the normal mental health condition back again. You start feeling lonely, sad and quitting. You start feeling drowsy, eat little and there you find no way to feel happy again. Have some mental health daily check in questions for yourself and closed ones.

To retrieve a healthy mental health state, check our mental health daily check-in questions.

How do mental health daily check-in questions could keep you in check?

A mental health daily check could keep you in check and remind you of the time for self-care, happiness, and asking yourself some questions. We know when it’s time to take a break, relax, drink water, eat healthily and work on situations that make you feel lousy. But you keep on ignoring it because of your piled-up workloads. We give ourselves the last priority, and the outcome comes to be negative. These mental health daily check-in questions will surprise you positively or negatively who knows. It will keep in check your state of mind and your emotions.

1. How have you been?

A canon question, but a power bullet. Start asking this question to yourself daily. You spend so much time working that we forget about ourselves.

Take a moment to relax. Inhale a deep breath and ask yourself, how have you been today?

2. Are you taking care of your physical body?

Your body requires proper handling and care like a machine. If you take care of this machine, this will take care in reverse.

Many types of research have proven the benefits of physical exercise over mental health. So taking care of your physical body will give you better mental health.

3. Do you practice gratitude?

People mostly turn their focus to negative things. For some time, it’s ok to do so as it is not possible to say positive things to ourselves as people and situations come with flaws. But for those who practice long term, negative thoughts can damage their mental health.

So to change this scenario, it’s time to practice gratitude. Making a list of all those things you are grateful for is the best way to practice gratitude for the day.

4. When is the last time you have a pat on your shoulder?

Low self-esteem is the result of negative self-talk. 

A man took two plants, and on one plant, he started cursing each day, and on the other, he said words of love and care. The plant was nurtured tall and green with the master’s love, but the other was wilted because of his hatred. This research showed that the words and feelings that come out of your mouth are powerful. Positive words can reduce suffering and help us grow psychologically.

5. What are your stressors? 

Inclusive answers come in place when we ask this question ourselves. You usually ask yourself with different approaches, and the answers come out as silly as possible. My dress doesn’t fit me, I can’t eat the cake, I’m fat, my keys are left in the room, but these tiny things make us stressed and affect our mental health more than most know.

If you start dealing with these micro-stressors, you’ll get a positive outcome over your mental health for the day. Mental health daily check-in will help you tune into your daily stressors.

I hope you are going well with these mental health daily check-in questions. Some of them are hard to ask but hang in there. There are still a couple of questions to go.

6. What are your plans ahead for the next 6 months? 

Last year there was no scope to look forward to anything as the pandemic has made it difficult to plan anything. Everything is opening up, so it’s time to make some plans in advance for the next 6 months. It could be achieving your set goal, traveling to someplace, or even the tiniest plan to go for a movie. There are infinite possibilities.

7. What’s surrounding you right now? 

To answer this question:

-Take a bit of abstract thinking.

-Write down what thoughts surround you. If your life is going through hurdles, write it down.

-If you are happy and satisfied, write it down too.

Writing down those words on paper will take an objective approach to looking at specific situations.

Match those written words from reality. And find a solution to it.

8. When was the last time you kept some time for self-care? 

It’s a technical generation, and it’s always in crushing mode. We always have something to do. We are always busy with something. When was the last time you kept time for self-care for yourself?

When we talk about self-care, everyone has different opinions. For you, it can be exercise, relaxing with nature, music therapy, meditation or anything.

9. Are you isolating yourself? 

Humans are social creatures. They need social meetups with family, friends and workmates. However, they have an obnoxious habit of withdrawing from the world when things get wrong in their lives.

If you notice yourself growing apart from your closest ones, then it may be a red flag of your mental health check-in.

10. Do you need professional help? 

It is a serious mental health daily check-in question. Sometimes the situation comes to be so hard to handle that it is no harm to admit it and seek help.

So if the illness completely overpowers you, then it’s time to seek professional help. Don’t let negative stigma let you down. Take a step towards saving your mental health.


These are the 10 mental health daily check-in questions that we have presented to maintain sanity within those suffering from mental health. You will find it weird to ask questions to yourself at the start, but slowly and steadily, you will get used to it. You will find it very therapeutic to let those thoughts out of your system. Make sure to give it a try and let us know what you think. 

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