How To Become More Mindful In Daily Life

After surviving this pandemic situation, we have learned a new way of living focused on technology and the internet. The question of how to be more mindful in daily life has become more frequent after this pandemic situation. 

Most of us have adopted these kinds of repetitive bad habits where we frequently use our phones for entertainment purposes. 

How To Become More Mindful In Daily Life
How To Become More Mindful In Daily Life

Many surveys proved that in this covid-19 pandemic lockdown, people, especially kids and adolescents, have become more addicted to smartphones and new types of technologies. As a result, cases of psychological disorders and behavioral changes have become very common in people. 

Do you often feel addicted to your social media feed without knowing what you are doing? Do you feel bad about it but find yourself unable to restrain from these habits? So, in this blog post, we will give you six tips on how to become more mindful in daily life.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a habit where you give one-pointed focus to every task you’re doing. Let’s try to understand it with an example: you are driving with full attention when you are attentive to every object coming your way. 

It has become vital to bring Mindfulness every work and every time in today’s world. Understanding this article, you will understand how to be mindful all the time.

Let’s understand the importance of being mindful in life.

The importance of being Mindful in life

We are already much more privileged to live our lives because our brains do 90 percent of our activities. But, with this much usage of technology, we have become more inactive, and a large part of our daily attention becomes wasteful of our smartphones. 

So, it has become very tough to keep your distance from your smartphone. You often think about how to be mindful all the time, and you find that reducing the addiction to your smartphone can make you more aware. Many people often make it their goal to reduce their addiction to social media and news feed, but 99 percent fail to do that. Not only that, a new category of mental health disorders is discovered like ADHD, where people find it harder to focus for an extended time. There is also so much evidence that being mindful in life does affect our cognitive skills like memory, problem-solving skills, etc.

We have become very susceptible to bad news and suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. Without knowing how to become more mindful in everyday life, we don’t find the inner energy and focus on doing something meaningful in our lives. So, when we reflect on your behavior, we feel guilty about our lives and don’t find any meaning in it. 

The related problems are not bound to this limit, there are many more problems that affect us today, and with time, these types of issues will increase in number. So, it is the best time to learn how to become more mindful in everyday life.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Learning how to be mindful in everyday life will be challenging initially because we are not very much habituated to these activities. So, you will feel some time to give up these things and get back to your everyday life. So, sharing the benefits of being mindful in life will help you deal with those unwanted stages.

  1. With mindfulness activities, you can get the ability to cope with your daily emotions and get the power to observe and control them. There is a therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy that combines mindfulness activities with cognitive-behavioral therapies. Experts say that patients diagnosed with DBT have more capacity to deal with emotional issues and manage them.
  1. Mindfulness activities are beneficial to fight depression. Many available therapies are found helpful to reduce the symptoms of depression.
  1. Mindfulness activities are also found suitable to improve cognitive skills. People who practice mindfulness activities can broaden their focus and memorizing skills. With increasing cognitive skills, you will become more flexible to adapt to changes in life. It will also improve your problem-solving skills and help you switch your focus between tasks.
  1. According to American Psychological Association, Mindfulness is helpful to reduce dress and anxiety disorders. Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapies are a well-known approach to reducing the symptoms of chronic stress and eliminating the root causes behind them. A study conducted in 2016 found mindfulness activities helpful to cope with negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety.
  1. Physical health problems can also cause mental health disorders. Practicing mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation will help you to strengthen your physical health.

After knowing the importance and benefits, we are sure that you have decided to start mindfulness activities. So, let us illustrate six types of mindfulness activities that will help you become more aware and deal with your mental health disorders.

Eating mindfully

Mindful eating is an effortless habit to practice, and it is very satisfying also. Most of us often finish our food without knowing what we are eating, the aroma, the taste, and the texture of every element that food is made of. Eating food with Mindfulness makes you aware of the food and improves your consciousness.

Mindful Listening

We often don’t listen to others properly and are much worried about responding. Mainly, this habit reduces the quality of the conversation and can disturb the person in front of you. 

After reading this blog post, whenever you get engaged in a conversation, try to listen to others actively and with a one-pointed focus. Try not to judge their words, and don’t react until they speak. This habit will make you mindful of your surroundings.


If you have considerable space on your balcony or rooftop, or you already have a garden, use that gardening hobby to be more mindful in life. Try to be aware of every sapling and maintain them properly. If you want, you can be a little creative to elevate the look of your garden. Ensure that you are taking care of every plant carefully. You will find yourself more mindful in one month.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises, also known as meditation, are a well-known approach or therapy to be more mindful in life. You need 10 minutes of your everyday life to meditate and become more mindful. There are many forms of meditation you will find surfing the internet. You have to find one that perfectly goes with you. 

Sit with a straight back and relaxed body, and focus on your breathing pattern or feelings and emotions. It will be more beneficial if you practice in an open-air place. You can also follow the box breathing technique to get more benefits.

You will understand your thought patterns, and gradually it will bring peace and Mindfulness to your life.


Take out five minutes from your life to write about your internal feelings and thoughts. You can maintain different journals about every emotion like anger, ego, happiness, stress, etc., and write according to your mood and its reason.

The benefits of writing about your thoughts will evolve your suggestions and advice on how to become more mindful in your everyday life as per your situations. Also, experts suggest that journaling is perfect for reducing mental health problems.


Yoga is a holistic approach to life and awareness. Although it will be tricky and requires more time and patience to grasp, you will be surprised to see the benefits that practicing yoga will do on your mental health. 


There are more activities on how to become more mindful in daily life; you will find them on the internet. Practice these mindfulness activities to take care of yourself and your mental health. Comment down which one activity you prefer for yourself to do. 

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