How To Be Happy In Life – 17 Simple Habits to Follow

how to be happy in life
How to Overcome Regrets and Be Happy

Staying happy and blessed in life for every moment doesn’t seem like a possible thing. But with practice, you can achieve long-term happiness and blessings in your life. 

Happiness is one of the feelings and emotions that makes us feel optimistic about life while looking at great things. But when it comes to always stay happy and blessed, people are not very great at it. The question of how to be happy in life is increasing with time and it will increase. 

According to the 2019 world happiness report, the number of people feeling negative emotions, stress, and loneliness has shown a great rise by 27% from 2010 to 2018 and the US ranked 19th place with an increasing case of addictions.

So here are the 17 habits that can help you take steps towards long-term happiness. After understanding these habits, you will find many approaches to how to be happy and blessed.

17 habits about how to be happy in life 

1. Eat healthily

According to Ayurveda, our body is made of five elements. Food is one of them. Good eating habits will always help you to stay happy and blessed.

I) Practice eating mindfully with adequate consciousness. Be mindful while eating to get better digestion and prevent heavy eating.

II) Chew your food at least 25 times. Chewing properly reduces dating speed and research says that our brain takes 30 minutes to understand that your stomach is fulfilled. So you will end up eating less and feel lite.

III) keep 60% of fuel food in which form. Eating more veggies will nurture the connection between you and nature. So from your next meal,  try to include more veggies in your diet.

Following these three simple food habits will increase the chance of staying happy and blessed in life. Making these habits will not make you ask again how to be happy in life.

2. Be active

Being Active does not mean pumping heavy iron bars running five km daily. You can be active by walking or jogging. There are lots of activities you can choose to stay healthy and active in life. You can walk only for 25 minutes a day every morning, and still make progress. If you want to stay happy and blessed in life, just be active. 

3. Be aware

No matter what you are doing, just be conscious of every activity you are doing.

We often make many wrong decisions in our lives without paying much attention to thinking about them. Being conscious in your life will help you to slow down and understand everything near you. Being aware and conscious will always make you stay happy, healthy, and blessed always. 

4. Join sports classes

To be happy in life, you have to be disciplined and committed to following some good habits. Joining a sports class will make you fit and disciplined in every part of your life. According to a study, sports help kids develop discipline in life. So why don’t you take advantage of that? Join sports class, and stay happy and active.

5. Practice gratitude

Research suggests that practicing gratitude miraculously helps in being calm and relieving stress in life. Practicing gratitude releases hormones related to happiness and satisfaction. So start becoming thankful to everyone and every situation that you will meet in your life. So, make a habit to stay blessed and happy in life. 

6. Be optimistic

Everybody on earth has both positive and negative situations in their life. But having an optimistic mindset will help you to be great in every situation in your life.

To know how to be happy in life, you must have a positive mindset. Try to utter positive affirmations, phrases like “I am doing great in my life”, “I am very happy and blessed”, and “I” am thankful to everyone in my life” to get a happy mindset.

7. Balance everything in life

Most people don’t know what they want from life to stop, they fail to manage every aspect of it. It is very important to look at the other past aspects beyond your work-life story. You can do this by pursuing your hobbies, and following your passion, and you also can spend time with the people you love most. Balancing everything is important to stay happy and blessed.

8. Accept your mistakes

Most of us have been told to become the best version of ourselves since our childhood. But in reality, perfection doesn’t exist. We often make many mistakes in our lives and our lifetime suffers from them. So, the first step to staying happy and blessed is learning to accept all of the mistakes while knowing that you will make more mistakes in the future. Gradually, you will find out the perfections and imperfections.

9. Follow your passion

Work is one of the main aspects of life. Often people do anything without questioning what is the right kind of thing to do for them. So, doing a job that doesn’t suit you will ruin your happiness.

Ask yourself about your passion. You will not get any reasonable answers with the first attempt. But gradually, you will find your passion and then you have to work towards it to be happy in life. 

10. Think about your expenses

It’s obvious that you have heard that more money leads to more happiness. 

To inform you, it is not always true. Having enough money will help you to lead a good life. When it comes to materials, you can buy anything with money, but everything will mean nothing to you once you have achieved it.

To become wise about your expenses, you have to find out your fundamental needs and wants. Then ask yourself what happiness means to you. When you will get a clear sense of what your meaning of happiness is, you will automatically work towards it. 

11. Start journaling

Writing about your experiences and feelings will help you to reflect on your lifestyle and make changes to it. Start writing 5 minutes a day to increase your understanding of life.

12. Practice being in the present moment

According to Roman philosopher Seneca,” We suffer more in our imagination than our reality”.

Take some time to understand the deep meaning behind this phrase. In reality, maybe you need less to be happier than what you think in your imagination.

Practicing being in the present moment will help you to get back to your fundamental nature. You can start practicing just by only noticing whatever is happening in your surroundings without judging them. 

13. Start meditation

Researches suggest that practicing meditation can help with many things. Start with meditating 5 mins a day in the early morning. You will find numerous meditation techniques. Choose any of them that suits you. 

14. Think about your relationships

A 78-year-long study from Harvard University says that people who lived happy life had quality relationships. 

Every person on this planet has few people in their life with them and you feel more open and relaxed. Keep this in mind, cut off every toxic relationship and make more quality relationships to be happy and blessed in life.  

15. Meet new people

You can find happiness by meeting new people, sharing your experiences with them, and learning about their experiences. By doing this, you will get a bigger perspective of life and become less worried in life.

16. Get enough sleep

Many people fail to get adequate sleep.  Getting enough sleep is a  very important step to being happy. 

Every person has different sleep needs according to their daily activities. To know your sleep quota, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Gradually you will understand how much sleep you need for yourself.

17. Make a to-do list

Having a to-do list will help to distribute and automate your energy into productive tasks. 

To increase your productivity, keep a to-do schedule every morning.

With these 17 habits about how to be happy in life, you will find happiness and satisfaction in every aspect of your life. You will be amazed to see the positive effects and also you will end up making some holistic habits that will automatically help you to stay happy and blessed. Let us know your viewpoints on how to be happy and blessed in life in the comment section.

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