Five Mindfulness Activities For Kids

mindfulness activities for kids
Mindfulness Activities For Kids

A newborn child is very likely a clean board. You can write and clean easily without any resistance. So if you make some effort to write good things, it will show the results of their attitude and characteristics.

 So that’s why, in this blog post, we will talk about five mindfulness activities for kids that will help create a significant future for them and our society. And it is backed by research that these mindfulness practices for kids can significantly help cope with anxiety and depression.

But if you are unaware of this mindfulness term, let us help you break down that concept for you.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness means just being aware and conscious about your presence and doing every activity with a one-pointed focus. Seems very easy, right?

This concept of mindfulness can be a little weird for you. You can think about how it’s possible to work without being focused? Let’s understand this also.

Think consciously, you will find that you do think random things while performing your daily tasks. Ninety percent of people don’t work mindfully. 

A basic example of it can be learning to drive first. Indeed, you were too mindful while taking your every next step, and you cannot afford to think about any other random things. But, after getting used to it, you do everything automatically without being mindful.

Why your kids should be mindful

Previously we have understood that we are rarely mindful of our daily tasks. Not working mindfully may not look like a significant problem, but it can be responsible for all underlying mental health disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disease, and many more. 

So, we hope that we successfully illustrate the definition of mindfulness and why you need to be mindful. So, let’s take a look at how these fun mindfulness activities for kids are beneficial for their mental health.

Mental health benefits of mindfulness exercises for kids

Teaching these mindfulness activities to your kids will help them be prepared for the future things they will face. It will also ensure that your kids will not suffer from mental health disorders. Here are the benefits of mindfulness practices for kids.

1. Kids who practice mindfulness exercises can become very conscious and react to every situation with awareness. They are also more capable of observing and controlling their inner emotions and feelings without judging them.

2. Children can be better with their cognitive skills. Increasing cognitive skills can help them perform executive functions like remembering details, planning effectively, switching focus, etc. 

3. Mindful activities will improve emotional intelligence in developing brains. They will be able to take their emotional decision effectively. And practicing these mindfulness activities for children has long-term benefits for their career and growth, and they will be capable of making life decisions.

4. Mindfulness programs have also proven that mindful activity kids showed better performance in negotiating with the society for stopping kids with mind food habits can find buddies and make long term friendships.

5. Kids with mindfulness activities can deal with psychological changes during their teenage years, which will help them to mature.

5 Mindfulness Activities for kids 

Let’s discuss some mindfulness activities for your kids that will help them perform best in their lives. You can choose one or multiple activities for your kid to build their mindfulness.


Trekking is one of the best mindfulness practices for kids because of the related risks. Trekking is beneficial for improving focus and concentration. A human with humanistic behavior cannot think about other things while in the middle of the trek. In this way, your kids will learn to be mindful of doing any task. Also, trekking is known for teaching life lessons.

Pinwheel breathing

Pinwheel breathing exercises break down the relationship between your mind and body through breathing. In the human body, we only have our building to become conscious and organized about our minds and thoughts, so let’s learn how to perform pinwheel breathing.

  • Sit straight back and relax the body with the pinwheel in front of them.
  • Breathe on your pinwheel while taking long and deep breaths and observe how you feel.
  • Breathe on the pinwheel, taking a short breath to see how it is feeling right now.

Do it with discipline to observe the connection between breathing and the mind. The first thing I thought ⅝

This mindfulness activity for kids will help them become mindful by using their breathing to control and observe the thoughts and feelings of their minds.

Mindful eating

Do you know what you eat on a daily basis? Do you know the taste of every element of the district you are having now?

Mindfulness eating is one of the easiest mindfulness activities for kids that can teach your kids to understand the taste, texture, and aroma of every different food item. It will help them understand the value of food and become thankful for it.

walking in nature

Nature working can help them understand the innate connection they have with their surroundings.

Try to walk barefoot on the ground or in a park with your kids early in the morning. And, tell them to observe every element they are feeling and watching, like the air they are breathing, the greeneries they are watching, birds, flowers, and animals. It will increase mindfulness in kids.


Teaching your child to write a journal can also help them become very mindful of their habits and choices. Just instruct your kids to write everything they are feeling and thinking about. Doing this will also help you know about their thoughts and feelings. 


These five mindfulness activities for kids will improve their focus and concentration. These activities can build strong and good characteristics in your kids. Comment down which one you prefer for your child. 

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