8 Tips On How To Be More Decisive In Life

Have you ever felt confused choosing your outfit, or picking something for your lunch? So. you want to know how to be more decisive in life. 

According to a well-known psychological journal, 20% of the adult population feel indecisive in their regular life.

Being indecisive in little life situations doesn’t affect that much in the long term. But you get habituated to becoming indecisive, which can have a dangerous impact on your life.

If you find yourself indecisive and want to know how to be more decisive in life, we are going to give you tips on how to increase your decision-making power. You will get a clear-cut answer on how I can improve my decisiveness. Plus, you can make your step towards a holistic approach

But before going to the tips, let us explain the meaning of being indecisive and how it’s potent to change your life. 

Why do you need to be decisive?

Take the example of any successful leader or successful person, and you will find they can make the right decisions frequently; research also proved that. Not only that, but becoming more decisive also makes you more acceptable and likable in society and at your workplace. You can also be more efficient with your limited and precious time by increasing your decision-making power, and you can do more work in less time. Reading this blog post will also answer how to be decisive as a leader. 

How To Become More Decisive
How To Become More Decisive

Tips on how to become more decisive in life

1. Eliminate your hesitancy

To be more decisive, you have to eliminate the reason behind your hesitancy. Try to figure out why you are being hesitant. Is it your fear of unknowing or you are worried about your mistakes, or is your anxiety making you more hesitant?

Knowing about your hesitancy and working on that is the first step to overcoming indecisiveness and becoming more decisive in life.

2. Beware of the ‘perfection’ trap

You can be decisive in life to some extent, but knowing that you can’t be right every time, can help you take the first step to becoming more decisive. Information is minimal, and the processed outcome will be negligible with limited information. There is nothing called perfection in reality. So make your decision backed by enough knowledge and information, measurements, and feedback. 

3. Choose inspiration 

Choosing someone as your decision-making inspiration can help you to understand your roadmap. You can select any successful leader, businessman, or motivational speaker as your role model. Check examples like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, and you will find their decision-making power is on another level. So, following role models will help you become more decisive in life.

4. Prepare yourself

Preparing yourself before making any decision can immensely help you become more decisive in life. Suppose today you have to make an important decision about your relationship. To prepare yourself, you can ask yourself some questions like what you want from your relationship.

5. Check the importance

Think about the importance of the decision before giving your precious time. Small decisions like choosing an outfit, perfect meal for breakfast, pizza or burger, you can take help from persons you acknowledge. You have to become capable of making more significant decisions like a job, marriage, relationship, etc. 

You can automate your short-term decisions with the help of technology or manually with the help of someone else. So, you have to be less concerned about how to become decisive in life.

6. Learn to forgive yourself

Before making decisions, it’s essential to forgive yourself for the wrong choices you made before. There is a chance that you are afraid to make any other decisions. So, by becoming fearless about any mistake, you will find yourself more self-reliant to make decisions in life. 

7. Create a long-term vision

Short-term goals are the handiest ones to correct any mental health and wellbeing issues. But, creating a long-term vision or purpose for yourself does help more. After having a long-term vision, it will be easy to make short-term decisions. And it will also increase your decision-making capability. 

8. Create clarity

Make a list of possible outcomes before taking any decision. For example, you have to choose between gyming and sports to lose weight. So, make a list and write the pros and cons of both situations. Do you need to build a bulky body or be light and flexible? Creating clarity upon your decisions will shed light on how to become more decisive in life.

So, determine your needs first and take any further steps.


These tips on being more decisive in life will increase your decision-making power by reducing your mistakes. Add these tips to your self-care routine, and practice with discipline. Also, you will be more efficient with your time. Comment down why you want decisiveness in your life. 

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