19 Best Instagram Therapists

Mental health has become very important. We did a dive into Instagram to find out and compile a list of the 19 best Instagram therapists that we think would be great for you to follow. They can provide you with a wide range of insightful articles, tips, mental health awareness, etc. If you’re already into therapy, we recommend you give these best therapy Instagram accounts a follow because they can change how you think and process.

Best Instagram Therapists
19 Best Instagram Therapists

Sara Kuburic, aka Millennial Therapist, is an excellent therapist, writer, and mental health life coach. She is among the famous therapists Instagram offers who covers everything from establishing boundaries in an unhealthy relationship to giving helpful tips for stress management. 

She also shares many posts on “notes to self” and “reminders” for some bite-sized mental health wisdom and positive self-affirmations. Sara Kuburic, MA, CCC, is a Ph.D. researcher and digital influencer to make people aware of mental health and its importance. She is one of the best Instagram therapists who deserves a follow. 

Dr. Courtney Tracy is the best Instagram therapist to follow if you want to learn skills and tips about how you can take care of your mental health. She is a no-bs therapist who can help you overcome your loneliness and make you feel loved, seen, and supported at the same time. 

She uploads content on various topics related to mental health and gives different strategies to help you approach your mental health issue. 

After all, therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, right?

The world has been quite rude towards black people these days, and it can become cumbersome for them to try to bear the weight of oppression, racism, and violence on their shoulders. Their experiences can be something that a white therapist may not fully understand. 

Therapy for Black Girls is a well-renowned Instagram therapy account dedicated to promoting mental well-being and supporting black girls and women. The account provides support, education, motivational thoughts, and resources to whoever needs them. 

4. Jessica Clemons, MD | @askdrjess

Dr. Jessica Clemons is an NYC-based psychiatrist and a certified therapist. Having one of the best Instagram therapy accounts, Jessica posts content related to mental health and the benefits of talking therapies on mental health to keep her audience engaged. 

Jessica, being one of the best therapy Instagram accounts, Jessica graces Instagram with her welcoming energy and insightful content. 

Stephanie Essenfield is a must-follow. She aims to create healthy boundaries in a relationship to help you keep a peaceful mind. She has dedicated her Instagram account to making people aware of therapies and encouraging them to avail themselves of therapies if they face mental health issues. 

She shares insightful information and helpful tips that make her Instagram page an incredibly positive space. Stephanie Essenfield is among various therapists’ Instagram names, who is a perfect follow if you want to learn about various approaches to healing your mental health and soul. 

Ashley M. Seruya, being a writer, therapist, and talented illustrator, uses her skills to create content on mental health and other related topics. She not only posts content on mental health but also instills a feeling of belongingness among her followers by posting pretty dang cute pictures of her pets. 

She is also a strong feminist who creates a safe and welcoming space on her page.

Hannah Daisy, being a famous artist and a mental health advocate, Hannah Daisy maintains a bright feed with her illustrations, arts, and inclusive sketches. She attempts to normalize the discussions associated with self-harm, sexual assault, mental health, anxiety, depression, etc. 

She is a mental health therapist by occupation and entertains her audience through many types of quotes related to motivation and body positivity. Hannah uses the hashtag #BoringSelfCare to celebrate even the little acts of compassion and kindness. It helps other people too to use this hashtag and move forward in their self-love journey. 

8. Whitney Goodman LMFT | @sitwithwhit

Whitney Goodman is a licensed family and relationship therapist. She posts content focusing majorly on relationship trauma and mental health. Her range is also not overwhelming but super insightful and honest. 

Dr. Christina is the founder of the mental health campaign #therapyiscool and a certified psychologist. Her feed is full of witty and one-the-point content that can make you feel super motivated and enthusiastic.

Cally Tate, a mental health advocate, is behind this excellent page called @emotions_therapy. She is one of the best Instagram therapists and deserves a follow. The captions in her posts are the real stars. 

Cally Tate engages with her followers by posting content on mental health tips, affirmations, emotional wellbeing, practicing self-care activities for mental health, etc. 

Following this account will help you fill your mind and soul with positive energy and validate your emotions and experiences. The posts are super relatable and insightful. 

Lisa Olivera is a thoughtful sharer who explores topics on mental health that you must think about. She is efficient and gives you information that is super insightful and honest. 

Being one of the famous psychologists on Instagram, Lisa Olivera talks about how you can hold space for someone, have a positive and growth mindset, and change your wordings from limited phrases to expansive phrases. 

She can help you define your mindset in an utterly upbeat framework. 

John Kim, an author, and a licensed therapist is the man behind the page @theangrytherapist. He has created a massively popular blog showing how a therapist can be a human, too, and they too deserve kindness. 

Although John Kim becomes a little vulgar sometimes, it shows how transparent he is to the page and gives light to the main motive of therapists. He can help you understand a lot about therapists and how you should stop expecting unrealistic changes in you from the therapists. 

Alison Seponara is a licensed therapist and a mindfulness teacher. She is the owner of the Instagram account @theanxietyhealer. Her feed is filled with various informative posts, fun graphics, ways to reduce anxiety, etc. 

This account is a must-follow if you’re dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

14. Nedra Glover Tawwab | @nedratawwab

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a New York Times best-selling author and a certified therapist. She works to build healthy relationships, set healthy boundaries, and rehears healthy communication skills. 

Being one of the famous psychologists on Instagram, Nedra Tawwab shares various types of behavioral changes, daily pieces of information on mental health, tools, and practices for having well-maintained mental health. Her daily posts will help you decrease your screen time and help you practice deep thinking and self-reflection. 

Sarah Jane Crosby is a certified therapist and a writer. She says mental health does not require therapy but complete understanding and awareness of its importance. 

She is talented enough to create aesthetically pleasing representations to help you understand various mental health struggles a person may suffer from. She sprinkles little mental notes and positivity scattered across her feed. 

Erica Gail is an outspoken advocate for many oppressed groups, including LGBTQ families, blacks, and trans. Erica, being a queer and trans herself, Erica provides a safe and welcoming platform for all to radiate her positiveness. 

She focuses on mental health with an emphasis on healing mental trauma. 

Dr. Jenn Hardy is one of the best Instagram therapists who straightforwardly provides life and career advice. From sharing job interview tips to managing your relationships as a therapist, his account can be convenient if you seek a job and go through a bad mental phase. 

Dr. Jenn Hardy’s Instagram account features a mix of photographed handwritten life-saving tips and their own words as simple quotes. 

Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy is a sex and relationship therapist. She posts content in the form of anatomical diagrams, infographics, and some of her own words and motivational quotes. 

This account feels like the sex education that everyone should know while growing up. Beyond this, Dr. Lauren also shares many valuable relationship insights. 

Jaime Castillo, anxiety and trauma therapist, helps people normalize what trauma survivors experience after trauma and inspires hope for healing.


If you’ve browsed these accounts and are already feeling inspired and motivated, you’ll rise to be much stronger. These were some of the best Instagram therapists who share beneficial information daily that brings so much goodness and positivity to the heart. Also, do you know the difference between a therapist and a counselor?

Which other Instagram therapy accounts do you follow? Do you have any recommendations too? Convey us your suggestions through the comment box 🙂

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