11 Tips About How To Live A Holistic Lifestyle

For those unaware of their daily living, holistic living might be a new phrase for them. You don’t need to worry about it; let us break down this concept. 

Our lifestyle profoundly connects with our overall mental and physical health. A little lifestyle change can leave a significant effect on our general being. But, today, most people fail to meet the essential needs of a healthy and holistic lifestyle, which results in evolving new types of diseases. According to experts, the number of people with these illnesses will increase with time. 

So, this is the right time to correct our daily lifestyle habits without avoiding the new additions, just by balancing them with the good elements. In this blog post, we will talk about how to live a holistic lifestyle that is helpful to increase the quality of life and avoid mental and physical health problems. We will also talk about steps that will help define holistic living for beginners. 

how to live a holistic lifestyle
How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle

What is a holistic lifestyle?

A holistic lifestyle is a kind of living where you consciously question and improve every aspect of your lifestyle. Living your life holistically means you have figured out the essential elements of your life, and you are shaping your life according to them. This kind of lifestyle gives a one-pointed focus to nourish your mind, body, and soul and helps to live your life looking through a long-term vision. 

Suppose you want to live a full-fledged and straightforward life by balancing its main aspects. In that case, you should consider living a holistic life. 

Why choose a holistic lifestyle

The main major problem of a poor lifestyle is a lack of awareness and education. People have become very immature, and they rarely think before welcoming any trend. Evolving new technologies has a significant role in changing healthy lifestyle habits.

There was a time when people lived happily, and they were not worried about how to live a holistic lifestyle. Mostly overusing and misapplying these technologies are primarily responsible for poor quality lifestyle habits resulting in mental health problems such as insomnia, bipolar disease, ADHD, and physical health problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more. Mainly two decades ago, these ailments were very uncommon and rare.

Now, let’s take a glimpse at the essential elements of a holistic lifestyle and understand how to live a holistic lifestyle. The meaning of a holistic lifestyle is balancing the three main pillars of lifestyle that we have never discussed seriously. That is Food, Work, and Relationships. The power to balance these three things makes us unique in all living life. Let’s take every one of them and understand – 

1. Food

Food is a very integral part of our lifestyle. According to food science, we are what we eat. That means food, directly and indirectly, affects our mental health and physical health. Let’s talk about this with an example, you have eaten something wrong that your body is responding negatively as bloating, stomach pain, and gastric. This food also affects your mental health, such as feeling bad and not feeling to work. 

Firstly, to live a holistic lifestyle, you have to correct your food habits. It is a fact that eating protein-enriched foods has links with hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which can give you happiness, improve your overall moods and feelings, and motivate you in your life.

2. Work

Let’s define work as a part of the lifestyle. Work is essential for people’s survival and fulfilling basic needs and wants. That means you have to do something in exchange for money to live your life.

The two main problems with our current work culture are people are not satisfied with their work, and people are overworking.

A study published in Forbes discloses that more than half of us workers are not happy with our work. People who overwork because of earning more somewhere lose their work-life balance. These matters affect work-life balance very poorly. 

You can be satisfied with your work by changing your workplace or learning something you are passionate about. People facing difficulties with their overworking habits need to question their views about life, work, and money. We recommend you consider reading a book named THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY. 

3. Relationship

Harvard University’s research on 268 people over the 80 years found that people who have maintained better relationships with society, family, and friends lived joyful lives. This research quickly points out the importance of having healthy and long-term relationships to lead a holistic lifestyle. 

Mental health benefits of adopting a holistic lifestyle

We have developed a kind of lifestyle habit which is very stubborn and addictive to those destroyers. These habits have spread their profound roots into our society and culture, and it is now tough to alter these habits and remove them from our life. So, let’s take the first essential steps toward holistic living knowing the benefits of it – 

1. A perfect holistic lifestyle approach includes exercise as a necessary activity. Following a holistic lifestyle approach can give you the advantage of getting a solid and healthy physique.

2. People following a holistic lifestyle are less chance to face mental health disorders such as Anxiety, Depression many more.

3. Following a holistic lifestyle can boost your productivity and performance in life and work.

4. You will have control over your moods and emotions because of a must including habit called meditation.

5. You will grow more personally and spiritually by practicing a holistic lifestyle.

6. Your maturity will grow with a good lifestyle. You will have a more mature view of yourself, your family and family, and your society on a broader level.

Essentials to lead a holistic lifestyle

After you have decided to approach a holistic lifestyle, you need to learn the essential steps that you have to take to live your life holistically. These steps are super easy and very beneficial for mental health and physical health.  

1. Ensure that you get quality sleep. Sleep is a vital element for living a free and energetic life. Maintain a strict routine of waking up and getting into bed. Through this, you can establish some discipline in your life.

2. Eat fifty percent of food in its raw form. Vegetables lose many of their nutrients after cooking, and you may end up lacking nutrients helpful for your mental health. So, start eating mindfully. Research has shown that giving 32 times your food is beneficial for your system. 

3. Practice meditation. There are numerous benefits of meditating for your overall being: increasing focus and mindfulness, fighting addiction, and building self-awareness. So, meditation is a must-do practice for living your dream life.

4. Try to stay in the present moment. Don’t let yourself feel bad about your past bad habits. Don’t think about your future because if you focus on the present, you will automatically excel in your future.

5. Try to stay active throughout your day. Activeness is not only bound to exercise. You can also stay with doing your household activities. Cook something that will take time and effort, clean your house, or move around. No matter what, stay active. 

6. Pick up some good habits like book-reading, painting, journaling, etc. You can read some books on how to take care of mental health. You will see the difference in yourself as increasing productivity, eliminating procrastination, and many more. 

7. Sometimes, you will procrastinate and leave your journey towards holistic life. The one thing that can save you from this arrogance is joining a group that believes in a holistic life approach. It will help you communicate with people who are making the same efforts as you and continue your journey with them.

8. You can start your journey to a holistic life approach with the help of a psychologist who can help you understand the deterrents in your road towards holistic life. 

9. Try to start making good relationships and take care of the existing relationships. As discussed earlier, relationships are essential to living a holistic lifestyle. 

10. Start taking care of yourself. You can try exercising to take care of your mental and physical health. And with that, start participating in social activities. You can also consider joining some sports and martial arts. Sports and martial arts will help you be disciplined in life and build strength both in mind and body.


Considering these facts in mind and following these tips covering how to live a holistic lifestyle will guide you to take a big step towards your goal. However, the main big thing to keep in mind is not avoiding what you have started and staying motivated during the bad times. Comment down what is your first step toward a holistic approach. 

And, keep reading our blog posts to get acquainted with good mental health techniques and informative facts about our minds.

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