11 Best Positive Energy Plants For Your Home

Indoor plants are always considered a wise choice to increase the positivity of the house. In today’s world, air pollution significantly affects mental health and physical health. Research proved that indoor positive energy plants effectively deal with mental health disorders related to air pollutants.

In this blog post, we have brought the 11 best positive energy plants to improve the environment of your surroundings and improve your overall mental health.

So look at the key benefits of plants that attract positive energy and which plants mostly bring positive energy.

Best Positive Energy Indoor Plants
Best Positive Energy Plants For Your Home

Decrease your phone addiction

Most plants are fragile and need adequate care to grow properly. Most of the time, you have to be busy around them. Hence, your mobile addiction will decrease day by day.

Reduce your stress

Studies have discovered a relativity connection between positive energy plants and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. A survey conducted in 2007 found a bacterium in plant soil that helps elevate mood and feelings by releasing serotonin hormone.

Improves cognitive health

Having these positive energy plants means having lots of responsibility in your head. So, It will increase your capabilities to be more responsible and gradually increase your cognitive skills like memory, attention span, and information processing. Research from the University of Michigan recommended that spending time with these plants increases memory retention by 20 percent. These plants with positive energy are also beneficial for calming your brain.

Improves creativity

The fun fact is these indoor plants with positive energy will work as an ornament for your house. So, use your creative skills to decorate your home in an excellent and picture-perfect way.

If you have read up on the benefits of the plant in mental health, it’s evident that you have considered bringing some indoor plants to your home. But the problem is there are numerous plants available. It is pretty hard to choose and find out which plant brings positive energy. You don’t need to worry; check out these 11 best positive energy plants for a home to increase your overall mental wellness.

11 Positive Energy Plants For Home

1. Peace lily

This plant is mainly preferred to symbolize tranquility and solitude. As it names, it will bring peace and positivity into your house. This plant helps decrease the chances of getting headaches and is also beneficial for chronic stress. 

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Maintenance – This is a plant that needs low maintenance. Consider keeping it in a bright place and make sure not in direct light. According to feng shui, put it in your bedroom or house office to harmonize and calm the energies.

2. Bamboo plant

The bamboo plant can also be an excellent choice to decorate your bedroom and increase the positive energy of your house. Bamboo plants are often referred to as signs of positivity and harmony. There is proof that bamboo plants can help you relax your mind and body.

Bambo Plant
Bamboo Plant

Maintenance – This is a plant that needs plenty of sunlight to grow correctly. So, you can put it on your work table in front of the window. Give it a handful of freshwater once a week to prevent forming algae to it. Feng shui suggests keeping this plant in the east corner to bring luck. 

3. Calatheas

This excellent positive energy plant can be the best choice for beautifying your house. The most exciting fact about this one is that it opens its leaves in the morning and closes them at night. By enhancing the beauty of your house, this plant will also soak up all the negativity around your body and bring positive energies to make you feel more optimistic.


Maintenance – It is a very delicate plant. Make sure that you give water in moderation. Very much water is not suitable for this plant. Cold temperature is harmful to this plant, so keep it warm and not in direct sunlight.

4. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a plant well known for increasing your productivity and focusing on the positive things of your life. Adding a eucalyptus plant in your surroundings will help get rid of the harmful pollutants and increase the purity of the air quality.


Maintenance – It is an easy nurturing plant that can take care of its will. You have to keep it in a warm place and put adequate water in it.

5. Basil

Basil or tulsi is a prevalent plant in India for its corresponding spiritual references. In India, every household must have a basil plant in their house. It is a kind of plant that brings positive energies. It is known for spreading good vibes and energies that will help to evolve your mental health. 


Maintenance –It is a most loving plant. So, every week you have to put 1 inch of water into it. Overall, this plant does not need much nurture to grow well.

6. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that is very well known for its importance in skincare, and Ayurveda, and it’s also good for the body if consumed as a medicine. The best part is it will take very little space to grow indoors. Some specific species effectively deal with mood swings and increase happiness.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Maintenance – Aloe vera needs direct sunlight and warmth to grow correctly. You can put it on your balcony. Give plenty of water and wait for the soil to dry before adding more water entirely. Otherwise, there are chances that it will be rotten.

7. Lavender

If you are a beauty lover and you love flowers that smell well, you can consider buying this gorgeous plant for yourself. This purple bloom can bring happiness and relaxation to your house. You can put it in your living to get the happy aromas from it every time.


Maintenance – These plants don’t need very much attention for themselves, so it is the most accessible and most good choice for your house. These plants grow well with moderate temperature and low humidity and water it after the soil gets dried.

8. The Snake plant

The snake plant often called a bedroom plant, is a popular choice among garden lovers. It also has many benefits related to it. It is known for its vibrant color and the power to clean the poisonous pollutants responsible for creating a bad environment. This cool-looking plant is best for absorbing the negative energies from your surroundings.

The Snake Plant
The Snake Plant

Maintenance – Snake plant needs more care in winter than summer. Please put it in an indirect light place and carefully avoid the leaves when watering. 

9. Jade plant

This plant with beautiful pink flowers will help you feel relaxed and increase the calmness in your surroundings. This plant is also known for reducing the immediate effect of stress and anxiety attacks. 

The Jade Plant
The Jade Plant

Maintenance – This type of plant can hold water in its leaves, so water it carefully. You can maintain a one or two-week gap between watering it. And put it in a direct sunlight place to grow it properly.

10. Jasmine

You can consider this to boost your positivity level by enhancing the quality of your love life. This subtle-colored, mellow scented flower is also known for soothing your mind and increasing your gratitude. 


Maintenance – This is a plant that needs bright sunlight and moist soil to grow correctly. So, wisely place it in your rooms that fulfill these criteria.

11. English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the best plants for flourishing positive energy. The beautiful leaves can absorb all kinds of impurities and molds from your environment. 

English Ivy
English Ivy

Maintenance – English Ivy perfectly goes with a moist environment. Adding adequate water with spraying will take care of the tree.


You can consider any of these 11 best positive energy plants according to their nature and looks. These plants will bring positive energy to your mind by increasing the atmosphere of your surroundings. Don’t forget to mention which plant you will take for yourself.

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