You’ll Lose Weight Fast If You Can Overcome These 3 Barriers

Have you ever noticed that it takes you longer to lose weight than other people?  Trying to rack your brain to figure it out, well rack no further!  We have 3 great strategies to help you lose weight fast!  Three things you should focus on: be aware of how much you’re sitting, keep track of how much and what you are eating, how much you’re exercising, and being conscious of your proportion size!  Say you’re busy 24/7, no worries!  There are ways you can do this even though you have a crazy schedule!  When doing these you will begin to notice you CAN regain your body back!  No more fat belly or flabby arms, just your beautiful self!  Read on to see how this can change the way you lose weight!

Step 1. Being Aware of How Much Your Sitting!

Some of our problems come from not being as active as we should!  When trying to lose weight keeping active is the first step!  Staying active is as easy as taking the stairs vs the elevator, or parking a little farther away to get a few extra steps in. Extra time is not necessary for staying active. While at work instead of walking from point a to point b, you can jog. To maximise the effects, take a minute to look at some quick and effective exercises that can be done anywhere and anytime of the day! Soon you will be able to see a difference!

Step 2. Keep Track of How Much and What You’re Eating, As Well As How Much You’re Exercising!

When losing weight the one thing you don’t think about is logging your exercises and what food you eat. That’s normal, you think you will not forget, but with busy schedules you can’t remember everything single thing. When our schedules are crazy, your mind is in the moment. So when it is time to eat, you are not thinking about what you had before and that you are watching your calories. You’re ready to stuff yourself with whatever you can get your hands on. The best way to be aware of what you eat is to log it. It can be done with a little notebook, or with an app. In order to keep track of everything completely, keep it in order.

When it comes to exercise, there are many ways to go about it.  You could get an app that goes off at random times and you do an exercise for just 10 minutes then and there. Another way is to pick a time each day to set aside for exercising, like 30 minutes in the morning or before bed.

Step 3. Be Conscious of Your Portion Size!

Portion size is one of the major culprits in making it difficult to lose weight at the rate that is most desirable for us. The best way to help with our meals is starting with smaller helpings and adding more as needed. You can also add a little grain, and more protein enriched sides as you want to fill yourself up with more healthier things. You should chew slowly in order for the food to digest at a faster pace. One thing you need to do is STOP once you are full. Overeating is how our weight loss is prevented.

Well folks, there you have it!  Three new strategies to help you lose weight!  When feeling stressed from not reaching your desirable weight, keep in mind you need to stay active!  As well as keeping a log of what you’re ingesting and how much you’re exercising!  Lastly watch your proportion sizes and making sure to eat slower!  Good luck when following these steps!  Remember you can do this!

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