The One Thing That Can Make Or Break Weight Loss

Would you ever send your child to a school or university that didn’t keep track of grades? Would you watch a sport that didn’t keep score? Would you trust a financial adviser who takes your money and never provides you with statistics regarding how your investment is performing? Data and statistics are pretty useful in determining a win vs. a loss aren’t they?

It’s a wonder why so many people refuse to track what they are eating! Tracking your daily food intake is a very useful way to attach data that can be used to analyze your dietary success or failure. The common reasons for the refusal to attach any meaningful data to your weight loss:

“It’s too difficult.”

This may have been the case a couple years ago but now that most people have smart phones and internet access it is extremely easy to accurately track your intake. It’s as simple as downloading an app or creating a profile on a website and you’re set. The amount of pre-loaded food and the ease of which it is to find make this extremely easy now…especially for people who tend to stick to the same food/meals on a daily or weekly basis.

“I don’t have time to track my food.”

At first there’s a bit of a learning curve but even with that this is no longer a valid argument thanks to modern technology. At most you’re going to spend 5 minutes per meal finding and tracking your meals… and even that is probably an exaggeration. As you hit your groove you’ll probably find it takes less than 5 minutes per day to track!

Great, it’s easy and quick… but what’s the point?!

Like your finances or your favorite sports team… if you don’t have the data you’re left guessing when adjustments are needed. If your weight loss stalls how do you know what adjustments to make if you don’t really know where you are currently? You can decide to cut back on sugar, or fat, or carbs or just eat less… but without knowing your current intake how do you really know what less is? Without any meaningful data you’re left guessing.

Do you really want to trust this process to a guess?

I don’t. Luckily it’s easier than ever to take control of your weight loss and start managing the data wisely.  All you need to do now is perform a simple search for a calorie tracker and start tracking!

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