Reduce Stress With These Simple Breathing Exercises Most People Don’t Know

If you were to Google ‘relaxing yoga positions’ right now, chances are you’d be inundated with so many results that you wouldn’t know where to start! Fortunately, Happify have created the infographic 7 Poses To Help You Reduce Stress, Stat! which features ‘science-based activities and games for a happier, healthier life’ that are guaranteed to help you de-stress. If you’re a beginner, you can try exercising breath awareness in a seated position, which simply consists of sitting down and concentrating on your breathing. If you’d like to try something a little more tricky and exercise-based, Happify also suggests lunging with your arms above your head, but that’s about as complicated as these activities get. Check out the infographic below and, if you’re feeling stressed out, give the poses a go!


Featured photo credit: 7 Breathing Exercises and Yoga Poses to Help You Reduce Stress | Happify via

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