Jumping Rope in An Active Volcano

We are entering a time where fear is the pervading emotion we experience when looking at mainstream media. Fear of guns, fear of losing our rights, fear of Donald Trump potentially being our president, and fear of inadvertently screwing up our health completely. It seems like every day there is a new diet that we should be following, a new breakthrough exercise that we should be doing and a new food conspiracy that we should be taking into account when deciding what to eat.

Due to this overload of information, everyone is so afraid of not doing the “right thing” that they experience paralysis and do nothing. They stay the same and they don’t move any closer to their goals. My buddy and I were fed up with the trends we were seeing in the world and vowed to show everyone how simple this living a healthy life thing can be.

We have committed to traveling around the world armed with some jump ropes doing workouts in the craziest places we can find. We document the process, so we can stop telling people what health looks like and instead, show them. Everything from what we snack on, to what our daily routine looks like, to the epic jump rope workouts we do around the world. Every week we’ll be releasing a new jump rope field trip video sharing our journey and hopefully providing some inspiration for people who have been confused by health / fitness and are ready for something new.

We are trying to blow the lid off of what is considered to be normal in the fitness industry. You won’t find any cheesy voice overs or aggressive fitness marketing. You will see two dudes trying to have the most fun possible and making fitness work within the framework of living an overall awesome life.

This week we ventured into an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii for our jump rope field trip. There just happened to be a hurricane passing over the island when we were shooting this. Enjoy!

Featured photo credit: zendudefitness.com via youtube.com

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