How To Do A Perfect Squat With 7 Simple Steps

Squats, when done incorrectly, can cause a lot of damage to your spine and lower back. It’s important to hit the form properly if you want the best results, both in terms of health and looks.

Benefits of Perfect Squats

When done properly, squatting is a great way to see results in strength and overall health. This exercise has tons of benefits, including:

  • Build muscle in your whole body
  • Make daily activities, like any heavy lifting or snow shoveling, easier
  • Lose weight
  • Boost performance in sports
  • Increase jump height
  • Tone your entire body

FAQs on How to Do a Squat

  1. How do I keep my balance when I get low?
    Try to put more weight on your toes if you’re falling backward. If you’re going forward, push your weight on your heels.
  2. Where do I place my hands?
    If you’re squatting with a barbell, try to keep your elbows pointing straight down and your hand straight up so your arm is perfectly pointing straight up to the ceiling. If you’re not using a barbell, you can put your hands in front of you to help stabilize your weight.
  3. Should I round my back at all?
    No. Rounding your back causes intense damage to your lower back and spine. Try to keep your back as flat as possible.
  4. Why can’t I keep my feet flat on the ground?
    You may be squatting too fast. Try to keep your movements slow and controlled. Notice where you start to lose balance. Stop at that point, and slowly get lower every time you squat. It’s going to take practice if you’re not used to balancing.

How to Squat With Proper Form | YouTube via BuiltLean

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