How This Woman Loses More Than 100 Pounds In A Year

Getting over the pain of losing someone is uneasy. Losing over 100 pounds is indeed very difficult. And when these two things are combined, it’s an extremely huge challenge.

Justine McCabe lost her husband who took his own life, then started to indulge and eat a lot more than her body needed. Very soon she gained lots of weight (22 stone in total!), much more than she expected. However, at that time health and appearance were no longer her concerns, because losing the person forever who you love the most is terrible, especially when it’s a suicide. Research has shown that such grief can be overwhelming and long-lasting. The shock, guilt and isolated feelings take a long time to be overcome.

What’s so amazing is that this woman recovered bravely and realized that was not the way she should continue her life with. She did awesome reflection by herself and decided to make great changes.

She started to change her diet and hit the gym, with tremendous determination and endurance. After a year, she posted a time-lapse video that inspired a lot of people.

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Things Started To Change


It’s A Huge Change Actually


Her Most Favorite Fat Picture

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Many People Asked Her How She Could Make Such A Transformation Possible, Here’s What She Replied

It is by far my most favorite fat picture. Here is 300+ lbs in all its glory. Everytime I look at this picture from my wedding rehearsal, I can’t help but feel a wide range of emotions. First, I laugh. It is possibly the worst picture of me ever taken. Secondly, I feel sad. It’s difficult to think of that girl as me. It’s hard to succumb to the realization that at one of the “happiest” times in my life, I was completely and utterly miserable. Someone once asked me, what were the parallels between what I went through with my late husband…and my own transformation. I was quick to answer that I wanted to build myself up. I wanted to be unbreakable. I wanted my inner strength and outer strength to be in alignment. But, as I looked through these pictures yesterday, I realized that in the far corners of my hidden emotions…a huge part of my drive to transform myself, is because I want to put as much distance as I can from that girl on the left.
She was depressed and she was extremely unhealthy. She thrived on excuses and lived for taking care of everyone else but herself. That girl….is no longer me. My transformation isn’t always about weight loss. My mindset keeps evolving. My personal growth is ever changing.
I snapped my after pic at the gym this morning. I was feeling pretty fly. @jonnystraws told me that…if I walked outta the gym feeling good….then I wasn’t doing my job right.
So with that in mind…I pushed harder and longer and now can barely move my arms/shoulders as I write this. Sure, the the #motiv8 muscle and strength combo gave me some serious power, but it was my mindset and all these thoughts that pushed me harder during my workout. Adding fuel to my fire! 

We are truly capable of more than we know!

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