Genius Way For You To Get The Most From Doing Pushups

Pushups are a good all-rounded exercise. Those who have the habit of doing them should know by now what benefits they can bring to your body through the different variations from wide grip pushups to diamond pushups. And those who are good at it, sure, doing 50 at one go isn’t a problem for you but wait till you try out the pushup that they’re calling “the true test of strength”.

Testing Yourself With The Dead-Stop Pushup

Start getting into a pushup position with your body straight first as shown in the picture. Now, this is the part where it’s different from a standard pushup where you lower your body to the floor and lift your hands off the floor. Pause awhile, then with one swift move, push yourself up explosively.

Do as my reps as you can in 60 seconds. 20 pushups are the average and 30 means you’re pretty fit.



Increase Your Strength with the Dead-Stop Pushup

To increase strength, you can simply add this new variation of pushups to your weekly workouts. Do 5 sets of the pushups and by following this plan as shown below. Take your time as patience is required to reach your goal: 30 perfect form pushups. Remember that superman wasn’t made in a day. Maybe he was but you get the point!

Week 1: Do 40% of Your Test Number

Week 2: Do 40% of Your Test Number

Week 3: Do 50% of Your Test Number

Week 4: Do 60% of Your Test Number

*So if you’ve tried the pushups and on the first day, you could only manage 10 pushups, do 4 pushups per set.

Work towards perfecting it

Here are some tips that could help you perfect this pushup so you get the best out of it:

  1. Twist your palms as you drive down to add stability to your upper body.
  2. Every time you push up, tense your whole body as though someone is about to punch you to boost stability.
  3. To take the stress off your lower back, squeeze your glutes to lock your hips
  4. Press your feet together so that you tense your legs. This way it will enhance energy transfer and it will make power production more efficient through your body.
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