6 Reasons Why You Should Make Time For Doing Squats

Squats are one of the most beneficial full-body exercises out there, especially for those who are super busy and cannot spend much time on working out. As long as you’re determined to do squat exercises 2-3 times every week, you can reap their many benefits soon.

1. Squat exercises build muscle in your entire body

Of course, squats tone your butt, and primarily work on your leg muscles. But it also promote muscle growth around your entire body. The exercise is so intense that it creates an anabolic environment and makes the body release hormones, that are vital for the growth of muscle tissue; squats improve strength of your upper and lower body.

2. Squat exercises burn fat and can help you lose weight

As well as toning muscles, squats burn calories too. It is because one of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories is actually to gain more muscle! For every pound of additional muscle you gain, your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day.

3. Squat exercises are even good for digestion

The muscular action of the squats improve the flow of fluids in your body, aiding in removal of waste and delivery of nutrition to all body parts. It also helps with a regular bowel movement.

4. You can do squat exercises anytime, anywhere because you don’t need any equipment

Squats don’t require you to go to a gym or pay for any expensive equipment, so this is perfect busy people who probably need to squeeze time for working out.

5. Squat exercises can improve posture

The muscles that you strengthen while performing a squat, will help you to sit, stand and walk taller and more confidently. It also strengthen your back muscles and help to avoid the back pain caused by sitting in a chair for too long.

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6. Squat exercises can help with hormone balance

Two of the major hormones that shed your body of excess stored fuel, testosterone and growth hormone, skyrocket during exercise and afterward DHEA kicks in! DHEA is an amazing hormone that is responsible for shedding the body of excess fat, muscle building, mood enhancement, sex drive increase, and immunity.

So…how to do squat exercise correctly?

As a beginner, you can do squat exercise for 15 reps each time. You don’t have to do squat every day to reap the results, it will be perfect if you can do it at least 2-3 times a week. Remember, it is perseverance that counts.

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