3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Your Knee Pain

Knee pain affects many people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Your knees are usually taken for granted until something happens and you can’t walk due to sudden stabbing pain. If you are like most people, you immediately want to to find knee pain relief, but unfortunately, that comes through specific exercises, designed to strengthen and heal your knees.

Prime of Life Fitness describes 3 safe and very effective exercises for knee pain relief in this video. These exercises are simple and don’t require a lot of movement.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Surgery
  • Inactivity
  • Weight gain

FAQs About Finding Knee Pain Relief

  1. Should these exercises hurt when I do them?
    Since you are already in pain, some pain or soreness is normal, but if you start feeling more pain than usual, stop the exercise and talk to your doctor about it. After resting your knee, you could try a less intense exercise, but be careful.
  2. How many times a week should I exercise my knee?
    You will need to talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about how often to exercise your knees. However, your knees will also let you know if you are exercising them too often. If they start to feel strained, cut back a bit and see your doctor.
  3. Can I over work my knees by exercising them too much?
    Yes. Generally, exercises come with a recommended number of reps, as the ones in the video do. These reps are there for a reason, because there is only so much your knees can take once they are already in pain. If you feel that you can take on more, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist first.

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