1-Minute Stretches To Relieve Your Chronic Back Pain

If you’re suffer from chronic back pain, you might benefit from these soothing and easy stretches that can be done almost anywhere and provide often immediate back pain relief.

The Most Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

  • Weekend warriors
  • Poor posture
  • Not stretching adequately before exercising
  • Lifting heavy objects improperly
  • Sitting for long periods of time

The creators behind 1minuteexercises offer a series of stretches designed to alleviate chronic back pain and add more fluidity to the spine, resulting in increased blood flow to the back and a reduction in pain. All they require is just enough room to lie down on the floor, perfect for the living room or behind a closed office door. It won’t take long before you’ll experience back pain relief.

FAQs About Stretches For Back Pain Relief

  1. How long until I feel better?
    These stretches focus on key areas causing back pain and oftentimes you’ll feel immediate relief. But be sure to continue these stretches for additional relief.
  2. Should I repeat these stretches?
    That is your choice. Essentially, you’ll want to work gently through these stretches until you feel relief. First thing in the morning after waking, halfway through the day, then after exercising or before bedtime would be a good initial schedule to follow.
  3. Is this safe to do if you suffer from any injuries?
    Check with your physician first before beginning any sort of physical activity, including stretches, if you have an existing injury.
  4. Do I need to follow the directions exactly?
    For optimal back pain relief, follow the directions exactly as they are relayed in the video.

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