Avoid Spicy and Oily Food if You Suffering from Gastritis

Avoid Spicy and Oily Food if You Suffering from Gastritis

No matter how conscious of your health you are. We are saying this because when it rains, do you yearn for hot pakoras and fried rice or not? If you answer this truthfully, then yes. Sometimes, we want to enjoy time and live life regardless of our health or other things, in which there is nothing wrong. But if we adopt the method and some precautions for this, only then it can be right, otherwise, it will be heavy health. This happens to everyone when you like to eat something just by looking at your craving. It ranges from being vigilant to health to a fitness freak when they eat with gusto.

Oily Foods Suffering from Gastritis

Although the overgrowth of eating oily is bad, the consumption of such foods can seriously put your health at risk, which can also hinder the functioning of your vital organs. If you have a lot of oily and fatty food, make sure to balance it to minimize its ill effects on your health. Here are some guidelines that you should follow after eating oily food. This will not affect your body so much by eating oily.

Do these 5 things after eating oily food

If you want to know how to eat fried or fried oily food, here are some tips that you should do after eating fatty or oily food.

# 1. Drink lukewarm water
Many people then drink a hot liquid like milk or tea, which works but it is best to drink lukewarm water. Also, unlike tea and milk, it will not spoil the taste of your mouth. We all know that water helps in detoxifying the body by activating the digestive system. To get all the oil out of your body, drink a glass of lukewarm water. If you do not drink enough water, it dehydrates your body and can cause constipation.

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Drink water or detox drink

#2. Have a detox drink
While plain water is an elixir for you, if you want more benefits, add some lemon juice to it for better benefits. This is a detox drink prepared, which will help in getting rid of all the oils and fats from your body. A detox drink helps prevent weight gain and removes the fat stored in the body.

# 3. Walk a little
When you drink water after eating fried dishes, you also walk in brisk walk. Many # people lie down after eating heavily. Oily and fatty foods are also heavy. While you should walk a bit after eating, it increases your metabolic rate to help the body digest food faster. This will make you feel lighter and relaxed.


# 4. Intake of probiotics
Consumption of probiotics is good for promoting intestinal health. After taking oily foods, take probiotics like yogurt or yogurt. These will promote gut microflora to digest oils and fats without harming your health.

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# 5. eat fruits and vegetables
If you have eaten oily during the day, then be sure to eat only fruits and vegetables. They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to promote stomach health and prevent stomach upset. Which causes oily and fatty food.

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